Re: Latest ET's was REAREND..

Date: Sat Jun 13 1998 - 23:08:17 EDT

the new MP SBEC in my 96, I only picked up .11 in the 1/4. I ran again today,
no other changes, went from a 14.86 best, to a 14.59 at 94.217!!!!!!! Before
the SBEC change, I had a 14.97 best at 91.88. So I can now claim a .38 second
gain, and almost 4mph increase, with just the SBEC change! I was stoked when
I saw the timeslip!!! Breaks down like this.

60 foot 2.09
330 ft 6.124
1/8th 9.400
MPH(1/8) 74.649
990ft 12.203
1/4 time 14.594
speed 94.217

That was the first run. Second pass was a 14.61 at 94.436. I made it to the
third round today, got beat by a deadly consistent 68 Dart with a 440. Had
fun, gonna run again next weekend. Hopefully I can gain more, as the temps
were in the 90's today!! And if you guys forgot, I have a 96 RC 5 Speed (what
else??) MP SBEC, Gibson cat back, and K&N FIPK. Thats it. Oh yah, almost
forgot. It also has a 3.55 OPEN diff!!!! HE HE!!! I love it!


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