Re: Performance concerns

From: Mike P Sykes (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 01:16:42 EDT

I think it just need to be Broken in a little more. Everyone says thier
Daks woke up around 1200... just my 0.02

-mike sykes

88, V6, LE, 3.55, SlushBox >or<

" They might call us crazy, but they'll do it from
behind, while staring at a tailgate." -Jon Steiger

On Sun, 14 Jun 1998 00:13:03 EDT writes:
>In a message dated 98-06-13 20:11:06 EDT, you write:
><< I seem to loose a lot of torque with the open filter and gain no
>top end
> Could my problem be putting headers on with the stock exhaust is a
>very bad
> I am waiting for a catback system I ordered but the dealer installed
>headers when I bought the truck. Am I expecting too much from a 318?
>My 89
>Shelby Dak ran better than this truck does.
> That truck would smoke the tires 50 feet but had no high rpm
>performance. Of
>course I know it was only 175 hp but was a little lighter than the 98.
> I
>still believe the 98 should have more hp per pound. where am I going
>Can I put a K&N
> filter in the stock box and help myself. The underhood temp is just
>too hot
>in Texas summer for underhood air input.
> BTW I am running 87 octain gas, no ping at all and it cost 90.9. 93
>is 100.9 here.
> Jim Miller >>
>Jim, I bet thats the problem, youre getting way to much backpressure
>trying to
>suck that much air and then trying to blow that much exhaust into
>stock pipes!
>Change your exhaust and try again! Those headers will work awesome

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