All you "Amanda" haters...

From: Stephan Boianoff (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 14:43:42 EDT

1) You seem so irritated by every little thing that everyone says on this
list that I wonder why you even bother subscribing to it ?

 2) I take it from that line of reasoning that you never enjoyed talking to
anyone about anything you are interested in for fear of becoming
covered in wool and being chased with a pair of shears .

3) Tony , you are that kid who always yelled the loudest because
everything wasn't his way . The kid who always had to be right .

4) I would set an account at hotmail so you could argue back and forth
with yourself instead of trying to act human , which you are obviously
incapable of .

Four commentaries on "Tony/Amanda" as presented by W. Jack Hilton III.

I think these things are all related and can be explained with just a few
sentences. Tony is just on the list to argue with people. It's more fun to
argue with people than it is to argue with yourself. He has no friends
because he always argues with them. Maybe if you guys quit arguing
with him, he'll get bored & move on. Let's give it a try, what do you say.


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