General Points and Questions

Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 20:57:49 EDT

Well first let me start this off by saying how truely informative the DML
is for me, I recently put in a Pioneer Deck and 6 1/2 and 5x7's speakers
and I have some good tunes cranking out now . Well this weekend I had to
replace ALL 8 of my shock bushings on my Rancho RS500 shocks, the rubber
ones were completely shot and worn away. I replaced the rubber ones with
Rancho's red polyurethane ones and to my suprise I did notice a difference
in ride quality, so I recommend this to anyone with rubber bushings. I
flushed out the transfer case and refilled it with Amsoil Fluid, the drain
plugs require a 30 MM wrench for anyone interested. I also replaced my
sencond fuel filteron my truck. I cut the filter can open and wow!
about nasty dirty stuff in the filter, so I will now be changing the
filter more than once a year.
But here is my new question, I want to keep the cold air system that I
run on my 93 Dakota 4x4 V6, so I am going to pop in a K&N or an Amsoil
Filter(not too sure which one yet), but I would like to know if anyone
has thought about using that product in JEGS and Summit, its the
top air cleaner assembly plate that is a filter in itself, its
called X-Stream Air Flow Top Plate(page 134 JEGS). Just curious what
everyone out there thinks of it and if it would be benefitial to try
it out. I mean additional airflow is always good, right???Also, what
inch would I order??, I think the 14 inch model would fit, just not sure.

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