Re: FABM14 and lowering the '98 DAK (attn Bob)

Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 17:40:44 EDT

> Also like to get after a FABM14 setup. Does anyone have a URL with pics
> of an installed FABM14? If I go with the EDL-1221 part no., do I end up
> with a filter top that advertises for Edelbrock?

Yes, the 1221 has the Edelbrock script on it. I have one sitting
right here in my living room.

> Is there a smooth top option?

Yes, Summit sells plain ones but not as cool. :^)

> Is there a URL available with pics of the cast MP filter unit?

Class, open your 1998 Mopar Performance catalog and
go to page 117. There's a pic of the air clear in question.
It is *very* cool in person. :^)

> Questions, questions, questions....

Answer, answers, answers.... ;^)

Bob, I'll make you a deal because you are a fellow Dak owner.
I've got the 1221 air cleaner (with 14" paper element), the
14" x 3" K&N clone from Summit and the 1/2" spacer that
Sean recommends. I am going to return these parts to Summit
because I am going with the 12.75" Mopar Performance

If you would like to buy these parts from me, I will put everything
back in it's box (1/2" spacer is still shrink-wrapped in plastic,
haven't even opened the seal) and send them directly to you.
You will have to pay me what I paid for them but I will pick up
the cost of shipping the stuff to you.

It's a horse-a-piece for me: I have to pack the stuff up in the
original boxes and take it to the UPS depot. I can ship it to Summit
or to you.

Just trying to help out. Email me directly if you are interested.
All parts are brand spanking new and have not seen grease nor gas nor


p.s. The 1221 air cleaner looks very "bad to the bone" with the
red 3" K&N clone in there. If the M.P. air cleaner didn't look so
cool with my valve covers, I'd use the Edelbrock setup. :^)

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