Re: Front and Rear shock replacement

Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 09:46:43 EDT

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<< Questions on shocks. I have a 95 with 80k plus miles on it. I bought it
 used. How can I tell if the shocks have been changed?
 Also, it looks simple to change them, (I have never done it) but is there
 anything that would prevent a newbie from changing his own shocks, like
 alignment or something? >>

Look for Chrysler Emblems on the old shocks. If they are there, the shock are
probably factory (I can't imagine anyone replacing shock with dealer parts?!).
As far as a do-it yourself project. Go for it!. There are no issues with
alignment or otherwise. It is an hour job (for me) with no real 'Gotchas'.
Just follow the instructions that come with the new shocks (and the FSM if you
have it). You will need to jack up the front to get the shock out, and the
new ones in.

Good Luck
Richard Lewis
92 LE CC, 318, Auto.

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