Re: New Items for our Daks

Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 14:57:12 EDT

> This was sent to me under another screen name. I thought l would forward it
> to the list in case any of you are interested. I looked at the web page and
> from what I could tell these graphics looked really nice. l'll try to call
> and find out how much they are wanting for them. Maybe we can get a bulk
> order discount. l'll keep you posted.

Moderately cool but I think I'll pass. The decal looks too much like
a Chevy product (not that I have anything against the Bowtie) but I
want my Mopar to look like a Mopar and my Chebby to look like it came
from The General.

The flag thing also looks like an imitation of the Indy pace trucks
that I've seen. Not cool.

I'm saving my decal bucks for the red "Magnum R/T by Mopar
Performance" decal on page 214 of the 1998 M.P. catalog.
That'll look sweeeeeeeeeeeet on my "Scratch Me Black" truck.
heee heee heee heee! :^)


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