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<< just curious but why did you get a 9 inch top???? I measure my top and its
 inches! what year is your dak? 1993 here.....thanks! >>

The top fits the airfilter element not the housing. The stock air filter
elemnet is 10" OD and 7.5 ID I got a 9" OD and 7.5 ID and the 9" X strem air
top for the element and then left the actual metal cover off. I have a ram air
hood and I then took and made a metal skirt that fits inside the filter can
with a hole for the valve cover vent connection and made it to fit just under
the bottom of hoood then put 1/2" foam pipe insulation on the metal skirt to
seal off between the skirt and hood sealing it for the ram air to work. One
look would be worth a lot of words here. I had been using the stock K&N with a
dual home made ram air which worked very well so I'm sure this should be more
than adequate. Hope to check it out Wed nite drags if they are able to run
them. I don't expect much if any improvement over the ram air I had but maybe
a little.


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