Texas Ram-Dakota Club

From: DodgeBoyz3@aol.com
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 21:20:38 EDT

Hello all that were interested in starting a club here in Texas.

I have managed to get the club affiliated with the Houston Mopar Connection
<A HREF="http://www.flash.net/~mamopar/index.html">The Houston Mopar
Connection Club (HMCC)</A>

I am a member of this club and we have 200+ members. Many have CC trucks and
are excited to see it coming together.

It will be much easier to operate the club and we can take advantage of the
experience this Mopar club has to offer. We got to many meets and racing
events throughout the Nation. Check out the web site above for more details
on the club.

At present I have the deal worked out like this. If you join the HMCC there
are no fees to be in the Ram-Dakota Club. Now I know many of you don't live
near Houston, but you can still be members. For instance, Jim in Waco could
join the Waco Mopar Club and therefore he would be a member of the Dakota
Club. Richard in San Antonio could join the Mopar Club there and, well you
get the idea.

Give me some feedback, OK? You will have to make the same deal with your
local Mopar club as I did, but in the long run it will be worth it. Perhaps
in the future we can have our own little club. I think this will get us
started though.

On July 18th at Houston Raceway Park there will be a make-up race day for last
year when we were rained out. The truck shoot out is scheduled for that date.
3 PM, come on down and lets click a few off!

Now on September 26&27, 1998 HMCC (including the Ram-Dakota Club) will be
having a show and race. Pre-entry fees are $35.00 for a 2 day pass, or $45.00
at the gate. This price is to race and or show, and includes the daily driver
entries. There will be CASH prizes for the race winners, but you gotta get by

Check out the site for more information: www.flash.net/~mamopar/index.html

I will be getting a page on the site for Truck Club members soon, so check
back frequently!

And remember......"It takes a (V)opar to catch a (V)opar !!!!!

Gene in Houston

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