Re: Damn free enterprise ! Used to be: Dakota R/T vs. GMC Syclone

Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 22:28:10 EDT

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<< the DEALERS are getting WAY over what they should
 for them so that the people they were intended for (the budget-minded
 speed-racer) can't even touch em ?! >>

My answer to this is because they can, and they know somone will shell out the
dough for a mited production model of whatever. (e.g. beanie babies) I was
talking to a guy at the mopar show about his Prowler(got some pix if anyone
wnats to use them for wallpaper). They (wichita Plymouth dealers) had only one
in the town. They also took sealed bids on it. This guy paid $72,000 for this
little car!!!! I told him his toy cost him as much as my house did, and how
could he possibly justify that much money for an impratical car. He answered
my question by pointing at his black and silver Viper. Said it needed a garage
mate!!! BTW, he is some bigwig for Boeing out here. Must be nice.

Poor and jealous George

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