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Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 23:14:26 EDT

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><< the DEALERS are getting WAY over what they should
> for them so that the people they were intended for (the budget-minded
> speed-racer) can't even touch em ?! >>
>My answer to this is because they can, and they know somone will shell out the
>dough for a mited production model of whatever. (e.g. beanie babies) I was
>talking to a guy at the mopar show about his Prowler(got some pix if anyone
>wnats to use them for wallpaper). They (wichita Plymouth dealers) had only one
>in the town. They also took sealed bids on it. This guy paid $72,000 for this
>little car!!!! I told him his toy cost him as much as my house did, and how
>could he possibly justify that much money for an impratical car. He answered
>my question by pointing at his black and silver Viper. Said it needed a garage
>mate!!! BTW, he is some bigwig for Boeing out here. Must be nice.
>Poor and jealous George

   Must be nice indeed. :-)

   Here's a little tip that may help out those of you looking for dealers
who aren't setting insane prices on their R/T's... Go find a dealer
in the country; away from the big cities and the poseurs. The one dealer
I saw an R/T at around here was selling it for the $24,400 sticker price.
They said that they would be willing to work down from there. It was just
another truck to them.

  The place where I bought my truck sells a HUGE volume of trucks, mostly
to farmers. They could've gotten some R/T's but they turned 'em down
because people aren't interested in sport trucks in this area; they're
only interested in how much firewood or manure they can haul. :-)


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