newbie intro

From: Bill and Wanda Wheeler (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 00:55:07 EDT

Hi all,

My name is Wanda Wheeler, age 41 ( for those keeping track ) and the proud owner
as of last thursday of a 98 Dak SLT CC. ( Light Driftwood )

this was a dealer demo I stumbled across, 5483 miles, and 6000 off the price..
not too shabby !! I bought it for the towing capacity, and I do love it !!

I have a couple questions I hope you can help with....

My bed measures 6.5 feet. Does that make it short bed or long?

Should there be a shifter interlock so that you have to step on the brake before
it will shift out of park?? ( mine doesn't, I think it should... )

Wanda Wheeler
Suburban Detroit, MI

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