Re: Dakota R/T vs. GMC PSSSSyclone

From: James Henry (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 10:51:55 EDT

I also kept the cost of the R/T down. The MSRP on a 1991 Syclone was nearly $26K and for the 92-93 Typhoon it was near $30K...that makes $20K for a 1998 R/T RC look like a pretty good deal. Also, insurance is pretty high on the Syclone & Typhoon. I almost bought a '91 Syclone before I bought my R/T and the insurance was going to be cheaper on the R/T. Plus, I also need to tow a trailer and you can't tow w/ the syclones!


>>> "W. Jack Hilton III" <> 06/16 2:12 PM >>>

Yeah , if they made it too big-n-bad from the showroom , the insurance
industry would be looking for a rope for our beloved R/Ts at this very
moment . If ya think about it , that may have been a very wise move .

At 02:29 PM 6/16/98 EDT, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-06-16 14:13:07 EDT, you write:
><< With their
> 360 cuin crate motors dynoing @ 300 and 380 HP it seems a few more ponies
> were available than installed in the 2000 R/Ts for 98. Then again, If we
> had a factory maxxed out motor in the truck what kind of fun would we have
> "upgrading" the performance? >>
>Bruce! You got it man, Mother Mopar wouldnt want to keep you down!! She
>gave you something to toy with and build on!! The 5.9 is only a base, its up
>to you to do with it as you please!


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