Re: V8 Fan (help me quick i'm going nuts without my

From: W. Jack Hilton III (
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 11:44:53 EDT


I bet that if you start altering the size/shape of the fan that you'll have
vibration problems that will lead to the water pump going out .

At 11:12 AM 6/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Does anyone know how to get the fan off of the V8s? I'm having clearance
>problems with mine (due the the 3" body lift) and id like to take it off to
>possibly replace it with electrics or a smaller fan. Also does anyone know
>the size of the factory fan? Would replacing it with a slightly smaller one
>work or would it screw up my cooling, or is it possible to grind or cut
>down the fan that is on there about 1/4".
>Thanks help me quick i cant stand not having my dak,
>Chris lang
>93 V8 4x4

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