Re: V8 Fan (help me quick i'm going nuts without my truck!!!!!)

Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 13:52:51 EDT

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<< Does anyone know how to get the fan off of the V8s? I'm having clearance
 problems with mine (due the the 3" body lift) and id like to take it off to
 possibly replace it with electrics or a smaller fan. Also does anyone know
 the size of the factory fan? Would replacing it with a slightly smaller one
 work or would it screw up my cooling, or is it possible to grind or cut
 down the fan that is on there about 1/4". >>

The fan has a large nut on it that screws onto the threaded shaft of the water

First, to get the fan off you'll need a big wrench (38MM I think). I used a
12" adjustable wrench. In my case, I had to remove some of the water pump
pulley bolts (not all) for the head of the wrench to get on the nut. Then I
used a hammer to strike (careful not to bend or hit the fan) the wrench while
using another wrench on one of the water pump bolts to keep the water pump
from turning. The fan nut needs to turn the nut Counter - clockwise if you
are looking at the engine from the front (the same direction as the normal
rotation of the fan).

As for a clearance problem - don't skeer us by talkin' about shortening the
blades. You'd never get it balanced, and it would really F&%K up your engine
compartment, hood, and you if you happened to be near when it flew apart. Get
a smaller fan, you might sacrifice some cooling, but maybe not if the smaller
fan is more aggressive.

BTW - store the fan upright while it is off the truck, otherwise the silicon
jism will run out of it.

Richard Lewis
92 LE CC, 318, Auto

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