14" FABM on R/T....via digest

From: Sean_Meldrum@ittauto.com
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 16:09:34 EDT

>I ordered the Summit brand 14x3" air cleaner along with the 1/2" spacer
>(part #s SUM-239431 and EDL-8093 respectively) and tried em out a minute
>ago on my '98 CC R/T .
>Did it work ?
>Well , kinda .
>Although I was able to get the 14" assembly on the TB (barely) I had a
>couple of problems .
>Thanks for any input !
>W . Jack Hilton III

     Saw this in the archive and thought I'd stick my nose in just long
enuf to give some info.

Jack....yer on the right track but you got the wrong assembly from Summit.
You got a 3" *flat* base can. That'll definitely cause fit problems.
It'll clear beautiful on the bottom side but cause interference up top for

If you want to stay with a flat base, which really is better flow wise,
you'll need to go with the 2" tall assembly. This will support about 5000

If ya want to stay with the 3" tall you'll need to get the drop base
assembly p/n SUM-239433. I'm not sure on the Summit can dimensions so I
can't be sure of what you'd need spacer wise. You basically wanna get the
base just above the alternator brace bolt head. The 1221 Edelbrock with a
1/2" spacer leaves about a 1/4"ish gap above the head.

Way back when I emailed K&N for the 10" dia. p/n's the tech told be 18hp
for the 14" FIPK kit. Don't give up on the open element yet if that's the
way you'd like to go.

L8R fellas....signin' off now. 8^)

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