Re: Radiator Repair And Cost

Date: Sun Jun 21 1998 - 16:22:22 EDT

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<< They told me that they cant fix Dakota radiators because the top
 casing is plastic and Chrysler holds the rights to the core so they cant even
 recore them!! New ones run 272.00 including 6% sales tax! You can also buy
 fibreglass fix kit for 8.00 and cross your fingers!! I use to work in a fab
 shop and I used glass every day! Since this casing is where its cracked, and
 it is plastic, Im gonna give that a shot first. If it holds for a couple
 weeks then it was worth it for me! My daughters having her 5th B-day party
 this week and I need the cash!! >>

I don't know what to think about this one. I do know CC sucks for some the
things they do just to rip ya off a little more. I can't hardly believe that
they can recore or repair it unless they didn't feel like working. Also 272
seems High to me. There is a place out here that has replacement new radiators
and I can get the pretty reasonable. Is the a non plastic top radiator
available at all? I had a radiator go bad under warrantee but it was in the
core and they replaced it. What exactly do you need in a radiator (year, air,
auto (he he) ect.) give me the dope and I see what I can get one for and any
details as to whether it is plastic or whatever and let you know. I know I
bought one for my old Horizon and checked several places and they ranged from
$106 to $265, Being a tightwad I got the $106 it was all metal and worked out
fine. Hey help ya if we can...need the extra loot for the little one and more
hot rod parts..


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