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From: W . Jack Hilton III (
Date: Sun Jun 21 1998 - 22:07:50 EDT

This may or may not help , but on my '98 R/T with the Slushbox , I notice
there is an idiot light in the dash labeled "Trans Temp" . If they have an
idiot light , it shouldn't be too hard to put in an actual guage in the
same place as the light sensor , kinda like when you wanna go from the old
oil pressure idiot lights to an actual guage . Of course , since yours is a
'96 , I would think that the design of the trans is probably different so
like I said , this may not help at all .

Just tryin' to help .

At 04:22 PM 6/21/98 EDT, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-06-21 11:26:28 EDT, you write:
><< I want to install a transmission temperature sensor on my
> 1995 Dakota V6 auto. I purchased a sensor from JC Whitney
> but it came with no instructions. Any hints would be
> appreciated. >>
>Hey why don't you send it to me and I see if I can get it to work on mine and
>if I do I'll tell you how I did it and you can buy another one and know
how to
>do it, whadda ya tink? Actually I've never seen one so don't have a clue..
W . Jack Hilton III

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