1st 4 wheeln' with my Dak

From: fawcett@uism.bu.edu
Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 16:02:19 EDT

     First the good news... For a long wheel base truck it handles
     incredibly well off road. Mines a CC and it turns reasonably well,
     not as good as my old jeep mind you but with, I think, a 131 inch
     wheel base it's not bad at all. Angle's of approach and departure
     were surprisingly good although if I had the class IV hitch I would
     have dragged it pretty good in a couple of places! I think this truck
     has a pension for mud as I went through some pretty deep stuff with a
     soft bottom and it just grinded right through... We've had some heavy
     rains on the east coast lately so things were very soupy but no
     problemo for the Dak. All in all for a stock truck with open diff's I
     was pumped!
     Now for the bad news...
     scratches... I knew this emerald green paint showed 'em easy, but
     this sucks! Once I cleaned the mud off it looked like someone dragged
     barbed wire all over it. Damn, I took it easy when I was on the
     trail, but when your faced with a transmission eating rock or
     "brushing" up against some bushes... well, at least it still runs! I
     guess that tube of GS27 scratch remover won't last so long after
     2. Half the family is pissed at me! The other half that went with me
     is still psyched and think I am the greatest
     uncle/brother/brother-in-law ever... hehehe! Come on M+D get over
     it, we were only gone for three or four hours! Well, ummmm, come to
     think of it, maybe I did over do it:-)
     Boston, MA

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