Re: Bedliner scratches...

From: Matthew Sheahan (msheahan@Mines.EDU)
Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 15:50:04 EDT

I noticed the scratches on my tailgate from the Mopar bedliner. There is
a line of them across the top of the tailgate where the linere hangs over.
I noticed before they got too deep and was able to buff them out. Then I
put a piece of thick weather stripping (the rubberized kind so it wouldn't
hold water) and stuck it to the bedliner where it hangs over the top of
the tailgate. This prevented anymore VISIBLE scratching on the tailgate,
but it won't help with the stuff in the bed of the pickup.

All I can say is that the bed of my truck looks a lot better than it would
if I didn't have the bedliner.


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