Re: High Flow Cat Noise

From: W . Jack Hilton III (
Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 18:09:55 EDT

If you're getting fumes then somewhere (probably where they put the new cat
on) you have a MAJOR leak . That may explain the awful sound too .

I've had many a car with an exhaust maifold that was cracked and it sounded
like a popcorn popper when it was running .

Hope that helps a bit .

At 04:30 PM 6/22/98 EDT, you wrote:
>well Mike my high flow cat sounds like I went form a Magnum 3.9 V6 down to
a 3
>cylinder 1 liter or whatever the hell they stick in those Metro's. My factory
>cat was quiet compared tpo this thing, and when I have the rear slider open
>and I hammer the throttle I sound like the truck building up pressure
ready to
>leave the planet!!! Not really but its kind of like a weed whip motor noise
>coming up from the space between my bed and the cab, so I just have to assume
>its the cat since it didn't sound like this before I had this high flow one
>put on. But anyways its really annoying, especially when the rear slider is
>open and I am going about 70-75 on the highway and exhaust fumes are coming
>into the cab! Nasty nasty nasty smell, any suggestion on what I should do????
W . Jack Hilton III

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