Open Air Cleaners:Some temp.Measurements Attn:JON

Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 12:07:21 EDT

Hi Jon, I don't think the acr. FPIK is restricted to just the open air
can discription. There are many in magazines that have an airhat, injector
tube and conical shaped filter (K&N).
The tube I have is a 3"dia. 16-17"L alum.steel w/K&N RE-0810 Cone shaped
filter w/tube wrapped in a thermal blanket. I posted a mediocre discription of
what I had done earlier this month. My intentions were to get some Ideas
and performance comparisons between the FABM and this type of FIPK. This
also included a cold air inlet to the right of the radiator. There is a
positive, performance difference in this modification compared to the FABM.
COLD AIR + COHERENT AIR + VELOCITY = HP ????? Whatever the formula, the
DML Dakpak appear to be up to the challange of finding out.


98 5.2L 5spd 3.92SG

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