Re: Cowl vs. Snout was: Open Element Air Cleaners

From: Bruce Bridges (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 16:35:44 EDT

IMHO there is high and low pressures potentially developed in that area
depending on the vehicle and the modifications. Pitot tubes and little
pieces of string can help define what is what on the Dak. I may give it a
try just to see what gives on my R/T but no promises as to schedule.
(3 restorations in progress @ one time, my garage is trashed)

At 01:02 PM 6/23/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Mike Crumley wrote:
>> At 04:33 AM 6/23/98 , you wrote:
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>> >
>> ><< I'm going cowl all the way. Anyone know of a place that sells
>> > em'? Cheap?
>> > >>
>> >You do know that if you go only cowl, that all youre doing is exiting
some of
>> >the hot air and not taking in any cool air right? Cowl creates an
>> aerodynamic
>> >vacuum at the base of your front glass and sucks out the hot air. Thats why
>> >Im doing both on the same hood. Two scoops for cool direct air and the
>> >to suck out the hot stuff!!
>> >Eric
>> >
>> Far be it for me to question someone who (probably) knows more about this
>> than I do, but can this be right? If cowl induction only exits under hood
>> air and doesn't take anything in, how come NASCAR racers all use cowl
>> induction?
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>There is actually HIGH pressure created at the cowl area.
>Cowl induction setups where the air filter assembly is sealed to the
>hood wouldn't work too well otherwise. NASCAR is a real good case in

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