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From: W. Jack Hilton III (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 09:19:36 EDT

Hey Richard , I bought the same filter setup for mine because I couldn't
find the other one at the time . I like the way it looks , but I don't
think it could flow as much as the FABM because of the metal bracket in the
middle .

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><< I installed a 10x3 K&N open element air cleaner about a month ago. Power
> went up slightly, GPM went down, BIG TIME, from between 16-18 to 12-14. I
> had a MP SBEC on order so I dealt with it until I had it installed.(Got it
> used for $80+shipping!!!). NO difference in gas milage, very big kick in
> the butt difference. Installed Flowmaster cat back dual exhaust, NO GPM
> difference, but a big ego stroker. I haven't replaced the open element air
> with the stock closed air cleaner (92s have the round ACs with fresh air
> flex tube), so I don't know if it would improve my gas milage or not. My
> question is if many other DMLers have seen a significant decrease in GPM
> with the open element K&Ns(I have noticed a couple of people express this
> already), and what improvements could be made without reverting back to the
> stock air cleaner.
> Thanx
> Scooter
> 92 CC 318 auto
> above mods
> >>
>Hey Scooter,
>When I installed my open element cleaner. I did not see any change in my city
>mileage, and a small (too small to verify really) increase in highway miles.
>Mine is an Edelbrock 1002. This is a pillow-looking triangular air cleaner
>with a reusable Foam element. Not exactly what everyone else on the list is
>runnin, but for <$20, it looks good and gives me that open element look and
>sound. Edelbrock says it will flow 1000CFM, plenty for my stock truck.
>Later, about a month back, I installed a Cat-Back system (Dynomax Super
>3" in, 2x 2-1/2" out). This noticeably boosted my mileage. Before the Cat-
>back, I had never been over 300 miles on a 22 Gallon Tank (19-20 gallon
>fillups). The first road trip after the muffler, I went 335 miles and could
>have gotten more. In MPG numbers, I went from 13-14 city, 15-16 highway, to
>15 city, and 16-17+ highway.
>Richard Lewis
>92 LE CC, 318, Auto.

Jack Hilton

Black '98 R/T Club Cab

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