RE: K&N mileage problem

Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 11:04:50 EDT

     Same deal here! Originally I thought it was just my lead foot but now
     I'm not so sure... Since I installed the FABM and 180 t-stat I've
     lost about 2-4 MPG... It's kind of tough to tell as I do mostly city
     miles but I'm taking a trip to PA this weekend and I'll see if there's
     any change with highway mileage.
     Boston, MA
>>>>I installed a 10x3 K&N open element air cleaner about a month ago.
      Power went up slightly, GPM went down, BIG TIME, from between 16-18
     to 12-14. I had a MP SBEC on order so I dealt with it until I had it
     installed.(Got it used for $80+shipping!!!). NO difference in gas
     milage, very big kick in the butt difference. Installed Flowmaster
     cat back dual exhaust, NO GPM difference, but a big ego stroker. I
     haven't replaced the open element air with the stock closed air
     cleaner (92s have the round ACs with fresh air flex tube), so I don't
     know if it would improve my gas milage or not. My question is if many
     other DMLers have seen a significant decrease in GPM with the open
     element K&Ns(I have noticed a couple of people express this already),
     and what improvements could be made without reverting back to the
     stock air cleaner.
     92 CC 318 auto
     above mods<<<<
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> Well, the 5.2 LOVES the new K7N filter!!!! It runs much better >
     than with the
> 2" paper filter. The noise it makes id much louder & I get a >
     noticable tromp
> out of the gas pedal now. Had to replace the bolt to hold the cover
     down > Luckily the inexpensive 10" filter kit I bought cam ewith one
> The down side is ... milage SUCKS !!! I am getting milage like I
     would get > in 4X4 full time at 40 below zero. Has anyone else found
     the drop
> in milage
> with a setup like mine? I am wondering if I should disconnect the >
     battery &
> let the OBDII re-calibrate itself ( if thats what you have to do )
     or > something else. Any ideas ?
> Now, onto the cool air Vs CFM problem. Up in Canada's Yukon
     Territory hot > days are few & far between. I did take a look at where
     the stock
> air cleaner
> was getting its air & guess what ??!!?? There is no direct flow > of
     air from
> the front of the truck !!! It has to suck the air form the side of
> fender before it even hits the stock filter !! Its a miracle that
     the poor > little 5.2 could even breath if left stock !!! Anyone else
     agree with the > poor coice Chrysler made with placement of the stock
     air induction ?
> Later all'
> Chris Savard
> 98 5.2 4X4, red, FABM ( 10X2.5"), skid plates, tire package,
     brushguard & > bug deflectors.

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