Re: Chrysler/Daimler Benz

Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 19:53:54 EDT

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<< For those paranoids out there who have been worrying about the Chrysler MB
 merger, >>

Gary, last Wed, Her Schrempp and his little Daimler buddies were hanging
outside of my studio looking at the Chronos, Jeepster, Spyder, 300N and a few
others. There may not be any comingaling of brands but you better bet your
ass they use some of our vehicles under the Mercedes logo!! I know for a fact
that will happen. When they say that, they mean that you will never see a
Chrysler product on the floor of a MB dealer and visa-versa, but you will see
our cars with their names!! Just like in Canada, Mexico and Europe, the Dodge
Neon and Stratus arent Dodges, theyre Chryslers. Well, your gonna see a lot of
Mopars in Europe with Mercedes stars on 'em!!
p.s They love the Prowler!!

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