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Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 12:06:42 EDT

Hey Mike,
    Try & Get some pics posted folr us to see your setup. It sounds like you
spent alot of time & effort to come up with a unique solution. I look
forward to seeing the pics of your modified air system. (MABM ? )

Best Regards,
  Chris Savard
98 CC, 4X4, skid plates, canopy, satellite telephone, 5.2 w/ 10" X3" FABM, 5

>I'm not sure if this helps as this is on a Durango not a DAK
>but the sheet metal is the same (I think)...I eliminated
>the stock airbox but left the TB *hat* and rubber hose.
>I blocked off the *hole* in the inner fenderwell (above the
>SBEC) with a piece of lexan.
>I attached a piece of PCV to the rubber hose and ran
>this through the lexan to an area inside the fenderwell.
>I then attached a K&N cone filter to the end of the PVC.
>This set-up effectivley blocks the engine compartment
>heat from entering the fenderwell and gives you
>a source of cooler air.
>I am going to try the ram air set-up and see what
>kind of difference I see.
>Hope this helps.
>Mike Marx
>'98 Durango
>'95 Impala SS

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