Summit magnetic oil pan drain plug

From: Jon Steiger (
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 20:35:54 EDT

oil pan drain plug a little while ago, and I just did my
first oil change after installing it. (3,000 miles later)

   I mentioned when I first installed it that it had less than
half of the thread that the stock drain plug has, which I
didn't like, but I installed it anyway.

   As it turns out, the cheap gasket that came with the
plug hardened and cracked, and actually allowed some oil
to drip out! I had to add oil to the engine for the first
time ever; it leaked maybe 1/2 a quart or so over the
course of 3,000 miles.

   I didn't find any metal on the plug, not even any
grit or dust, so that was a good thing anyway. (Well, either
my engine is OK, or the magnet wasn't strong enough to pull
and hold the particles). I re-installed my stock plug, and
that's what I'll use from now on. I think maybe I'll go back
to my original idea of an oil filter magnet.


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