Re: Part numbers?

Date: Sun Jun 28 1998 - 17:18:45 EDT

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> Does anyone know if the part numbers are available for the decals that go
> on the Dakota R/Ts yet? I tried to get a spare set (want to remove mine,
> but want a spare set FIRST). The guy at my local dealer could not even
> find a listing. This was almost a month ago. Does anyone have access to
> the catalogs? Is there a special place where such parts for the R/T are
> located in the listing that he just wasn't accessing? I am specifically
> looking for the black decals that go on a red R/T. Any help would be
> appreciated. Thanks.
> Gene Beaird
> 98 Flame Red CC R/T
I had a set made for my 97 Dak CC. They say DAKOTA 5.2 R/T, keeping with the
actuallality of the truck and not showing it for what it is not. A set of
three cost about $70 - $80. The guy that fabricated them made a rubbing from
a 98 R/T to get an actually copy. Lemme know if you want some!


97 CC
Viper GTS Blue Ralley Stripes
Flomaster exhaust

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