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From: Mike P Sykes (
Date: Sun Jun 28 1998 - 23:33:50 EDT

Thanks! I need to check out RPM's page to see, then I'll probably
understand a lot better.
thanks again! =)

-mike d.

88, V6, LE, 3.55, SlushBox >or<

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On Sat, 27 Jun 1998 10:04:26 EDT writes:
>In a message dated 98-06-26 18:25:10 EDT, you write:
><< make
> >the bolt work
> how would I go about doing that? Will I need to go to welding 101 or
> anything? =)
> -mike d.
> 88, V6, LE, 3.55, SlushBox >>
>Nah, It ain't rocket science. I used a threaded rod bent to replace
>the stock
>bracket and carriage bolt assembly. It is commonly reffered to as an
>It just threads into the 1/4 x 20 hole in the TB that the OEM bracket
>screwed into. Then it is carefully (so you don''t fatigue it and make
>weak) bent to stick straight up in the center of the TB. The
>measurements on
>Sean's page are good for gettin the idea. For the Edelbrock 1002, it
>has to
>be much shorter than for a standard open element (or the OEM for that
>because it doesn't come up through the air cleaner.
>Richard Lewis
>92 LE, CC, 318 Auto.

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