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Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 17:47:39 EDT

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<< When I test drove a RT it turned 2000rpm at 60mph with a 3.91 rear end.
 I'm wondering what RPM a 5-Speed V-8 97 or 98 Dak turns at 60 mph in
 fifth gear? Please let me know your rear end gear and tire size along
 with the rpm >>

Bob, My truck is a 95 with a 93 5.9 with 4.10 gears!! Here's my RPM range:
2nd 30mph 3200rpm
3rd 45 3000
4th 80 3800
4th 85 4000
5th 80 2800 Tire size: 275/40ZR17===25"
5th 85 3000
5th 90 3100
5th 95 3300
5th 100 3500
That may not help you as far as what to buy, but I'd rather have a 5spd. You
have more control of your R's and speed, plus, I personally feel (no offense
R/T guys)
that with the 5.2 5spd you have more options. And if you do what is done to
the R/T you'll beat 'em all day long. ie., Computer, lower it, nice tires out
back, and a free flow exhaust. The R/T is about 22,000 right R/T guys? Im
not sure of the 5.2 5spd Sport price but I bet you'll have some change left
after you buy the mods to match the R/T!! Just a thought!
Eric..14.29@95.17===========5.9, 5spd,

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