Re: Dynmox Race Magnum under the truck

Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 15:53:38 EDT

<<I have the Dynomax-dumping-before-the-axle setup too, and I must
agree with Sean that it is too loud for most people. I went with
the setup because it was cheap and gives a clean look to the truck.
At first, I thought the loudness was really cool, but it gets old
fast, especially on the highway.

        I wonder how far back I can run the pipe without it being visible? I don't
want to be able to see the pipe if its just a single turndown and i dont want
to have to pay for dual pipes and tips again. Maybe I can run dual pipes with
turndowns further back if it doesn't cost too much more. The local exhaust
shop was only going to charge me $30 or $40 to put on the muffler and a single
turndown. I'm just looking for something cheap because I've already payed
about $150 for the setup I have now and don't like it.


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