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From: Craig Baltzer (Craig.Baltzer@Anjura.COM)
Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 22:10:12 EDT

A few people do make wheels for the Viper (the 10" from the front of the
Viper seem to fit ok on the Dak (just tried them quickly, didn't
actually run them on the truck as I only have 2...). Manufacturers
include (ones I can think of right off the top of my head)...

* Forgeline
* Kinesis
* Speedline

Most of these run around $3K-4.5K for a set of 4...


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How many manufacturers are making aftermarket wheels for the Viper ? The
reason that Dak wheels are hard to find is economics . They feel that
potential market for the wheels is very VERY low compared to a wheel
uses something like a 5x4.5 .

You really think they are gonna spend the development money to make
wheels ?

Think about the sizes of Viper wheels and the offset too .

At 04:48 PM 6/30/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> Very few people make rims for the Dakota with the 6x4.5 pattern .
They used
>> to have a more normal 5 bolt pattern , but it was changed to the
>> 6x4.5 in '89 or '90 I believe .
>> The rims are very hard to find if you are picky because the Dakota is
>> ONLY vehicle that uses this pattern .
>Bzzzt!! Doesn't the Viper use this bolt pattern?
>> I know Centerline makes some nice wheels for it , but I am sure that
>> are others .
W . Jack Hilton III

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