Re: Air Filter Housing Mod?

From: jules (
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 00:01:38 EDT wrote:
> I was thinking today at work

( and... diluting gross national product!)

about all this talk lately about the
> differences, pros and cons of cold air versus warm air.

fyi... hrm (hot rod mag) a while back ran a low 11's bracket car with
sbc and dquads with a stock hood and no air cleaners to set a base line
thru quarter

then they set up a bracket scoop on the hood that dumped the relative
wind at ambiant directly into the dual quads... ( WHHOOOOSSSSHHHH!!!!)
can your cold air efforts even come close in both power, speed and air
flow (cfm)?

the results... a gain of .03 in quarter... as in 3/hundredths

reason is engine is not at 100% vol eff. so until then volume always
wins over density.

hey don't bleieve me... i just work here! but my job IS to yak hot rods
on the phone, drink coffee all day and read the latest truck/hot rod
mags... (i know... i know... but someone has to do it!)

i mean face it... what gets more emotion going... a fart in the movie
house or a fart in the ice cooler!?! :)

so... FMM (for my mileage)...

"give me liberty or give me hot air!!!"


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