Re: 5-spd man probs (kinda long)

From: Rader (
Date: Wed Dec 30 1998 - 10:21:07 EST

> The NVx500 family manuals require synthetic lube, donīt they? Have you
> maybe tried Redline synthetics instead of the Valvoline specīd fluid?
> Someone earlier on the list had said heīd done that.

  I'd sure like to hear more about alternatives to the Mopar part #
NVx500 lube, since it's a mighty pricey oil (didn't Sam P. pay $15/quart
a couple of years ago?). Even though there's no factory recommended
change interval, I wouldn't mind changing it out at some point.

  I'm not all that willing to ignore the factory on this one, unless there's
a lot of positive track record for an alternative fluid.


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