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Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 18:33:16 EST

There is an ad in the April 99 "Peterson's 4-whell Off-Road" mag from
4-wheel parts Wholesalers 1-800-421-1050

They have the whole kit; Brushguard with Euro light guard extensions, nerf
bars and matching Taillight guards for $599.95. Not too bad.... I can't
vouch for the company though....

99 5.2L CC 4x4 SLT

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>Thanks for the info. You just helped me make my decision!! I will get
>from somewhere else!! Any ideas where to get accessories for a half way
>decent price? I am looking for chrome side step bars, chrome bush guard,
>and chrome light bars for the back.
>Any info would be appreciated!
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>>If anyone is thinking of ordering from be very careful
>>when you order. When ordering, ask if the item is in their possession or
>>its's coming from the manufacturer. I order a set of racing pedals for my
>>R/T on the 10th of February and still haven't received them. I called on
>>20th and was told that the item was shipped on the 11th. I called on the
>>26th, and was told that the item was actually shipped on the 25th and that
>>the ship date on the computer was wrong. Today is the 2nd, I still havent
>>received the *&%$#@ pedals. I guess the saying is true: "A happy customer
>>will tell 5 people, but an unhappy customer will tell 50". Well, in my
>>I guess I just told over 500. Thanks for listening to my venting and sorry
>>if my *&#%@!! offended anybody.
>>Jav "Pedal-less" Gonzalez
>>1998 Deep Amethyst R/T CC

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