Re: Stock Wheels (15x8)

From: Bernd D. Ratsch (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 14:21:10 EST

The stock rims on a normal Dakota are 15x8 (5" Backspacing.)

I've changed my rims over and have a complete set of four. If you're
interested, i'll scan them and send ya a picture.

Bernd D. Ratsch
Pflugerville, TX

At 01:59 PM 03/24/1999 -0500, you wrote:
> I thought i would review an idea i just had. I am currently waiting for a
> company to custom make a pair of 15x8s for my R/T. I was told the 15x8s
> would be perfect for the 28x10.5 15 slicks i bought. I wanted to double
> check the bolt pattern on the stock 15x8s from Dodge. Are they 6 bolt or
> five bolt???? Oh, and does anyone have two 15x8s for sale? Thanks.

Bernd D. Ratsch
Pflugerville, TX
1997 Dodge Dakota SLT/CC (V6)

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