Re: Whats up with plug gaps, and some other stuff.

Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 07:45:57 EDT

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> I have an electric fan, jet pulleys, jet thermostat, jet stage II, 52mm TB,
> billet spacer, My Filter kit, JBA Y pipe, Headers, and a Flowmaster 2
> chamber,
> MSD 8.5s and the Accel coil........
> Stock Gap is 40, I had opened it up to 55 but mileage took a dump. What
> should I try next.....I was going to try a colder plug, but its all getting
> confusing. Any ideas?
I believe the stock gap is .35. Either way, .55 is way too much. Ok, picture
the spark plug. The spark travels from the pos electrode to the neg
electrode. The distance traveled between the electrode is the "gap". To get
the best combustion ability, assuming constants for air/fuel ratio...yadda
yadda..., you want the thickest spark you can get with maximum exposure
during the combustion event. Of course the diameter of the spark is limited
to the diameter of your pos electrode. Anyway, when that spark leaves the
pos electrode, it is at full potential. As it travels the gap, it can
diminish (get thinner) or find a path of lesser resistance (usually the
insulator) if that distance (gap) is too long.
There is an optimal gap, where the spark is stong, and still giving maximum
exposure for better combustion. You'll just have to experiment.
 A colder plug wont help much, unless you have insulator glazing (bright
orange around the electrode). I would try .40-.44, but IMHO, you were best
at .40.
What type of plugs do you use? Try champion truck plugs at 0.40, they have
the thickest pos. electrode I've seen yet.
Hope this helps

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