Whats up with plug gaps, and some other stuff.

From: Antonio De Anda (adeanda@earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 04:12:20 EDT

Actually I dont send out that many of the 52mm A few of the 52mm TBs are out
there, but almost all of the ones that I ship out are 51.75mm TBs. They are a
2.030 bore.
The ones that I recommend for a non extensively moded 5.2 is a 1.98 bore.
If a 5.2 is totally tricked out, then it wont have a problem running the 51.75mm
tb. But for a truck that might just have exhaust and a filter, the 1.98 bore
would be the safer route.
If someone asks for a 52mm, I can get one, but most people go for the 51.75mm,
and then there is always the smaller size for those not wanting to go that big.
I am not sure who was experiencing the power loss, I had a person notify us
that he was having some trouble after installing the TB, but after the computer
had a chance to reset itself, the problem was gone. It seems that while the
computer is relearning, it tends to be really inconsistent.
I have seen Sams truck take off, its damn quick, and its a trophy winning show
truck, brawn and beauty what a combination. I should have bought a black
Sam if you are coming to the Picnic, maybe we can get your truck to the dyno. I
think I am going to rent it for about 2 hours.
hope I cleared up a few things.

Okay, back to my question.
I have an electric fan, jet pulleys, jet thermostat, jet stage II, 52mm TB,
billet spacer, My Filter kit, JBA Y pipe, Headers, and a Flowmaster 2 chamber,
MSD 8.5s and the Accel coil........
Stock Gap is 40, I had opened it up to 55 but mileage took a dump. What gap
should I try next.....I was going to try a colder plug, but its all getting
confusing. Any ideas?

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