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Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 10:48:08 EDT

Good info, John... Are you going to try the install yourself or farm it out??

I really want in on this deal but just can't swing the bucks right now, damn!

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Subject: DML: RE: Tuff Country Important Info
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Date: 8/10/99 9:21 AM

I can understand the concern, and also had my concerns with some of the
items that were discussed, but after talking with Tuff country's owner and
some of the people who designed it, I feel very comfortable installing this

First off, unfortuanately with our Torsion Bar front suspension, there is
not a kit out there (including Rancho) that will increase clearance due to
the need to "drop" our front axle to keep the T-Bars lined up. That's just
the reality of having this type of suspension. You can look at any 4X4 with
torsion bars and a lift and see the same brackets and the need for a skid

Secondly, this is why Tuff Country has custom skid plates coming out for the
front differential and for the rear torsion bar brackets. I would have
fabbed my own if they did not do this. I still may, depending on how they
mount and price.

Thirdly, I definately would consider the Rancho kit (I have owned several
Rancho kits and liked them), but 3" won't clear 33's without interference, I
don't care how much you crank the T-bars. Talk to anybody familliar with
the torsion set-up and they'll tell you it's not a great idea to crank on
those things too much anyway. You'll have suspension geometry problems
(tire wear) and due the increased spring rate (stiffer) you'll have less
articulation and off road you don't want to have a high spring rate on

As far as having problems with some of the brackets, Tony found this out
when he installed his and if I remember correctly he had to get some updated
parts. Kelly at Tuff Country told me that have redesigned some parts to
make them stronger (The Rancho kit has also been through 3 redesigns). By
the way, most brackets in the kit are twice as thick as the stock parts, so
I'm not worried if the kit will be strong enough. The kit has been
extensively tested in Moab on both Durangos and Dakotas.

I'm no expert by any means, but I have researched this and if I'm dumping
$1081 into something I'm going to be comfortable doing it. BTW-- The Rancho
Kit is "on sale" at 4W Parts for $1400.00+shipping, that's another reason.

John McKinney

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