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Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 18:26:59 EDT

If the vehicle is JUST going in for service, the E.O. Number really doesn't
mean anything unless he/she is having a smog inspection done.

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If it doesn't have an "emissions E.O. sticker" it's not legal. Flip a coin;
heads you change it out before inspection,tails you go as is and take a
Dr. Pat
P.S. I'm don't think they would verify the numbers on an exemption
sticker.Throw any sticker on there and it should fly.
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>Subject: DML: DEQ
>Date: Tue, Aug 10, 1999, 4:07 AM

> my (possibly stupid) question:
> I just put an Airaid in. On the instruction sheet, it said
> that it was not approved for street use. I gotta DEQ in the
> next month or so. Will I get through, or should I put the
> stock air box back in for it? I can't see how it could hurt
> the emissions, but I'm afraid they'll open the hood and say
> "THATS not an approved part!"
> very lazy and don't want to DEQ twice, but also don't want
> to spend 15 minutes changing air filtration back and forth
> if I don't have to. 'Sides, Baby likes the Airaid.
> Flip
> 98 RC V6 Sport
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