Re: Flowmaster, was "Exhaust question?"

From: Cale Henry Bargen (
Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 12:50:59 EDT

Thanks for the heads up - I'll keep an eye on mine. I splayed the
rubber hangers quite a bit when installing to give it less chance to
wiggle around - how have you got your set up? Also, do you have any
dyno or time slips that show any performance increase?
Cale wrote:
> I have that Flowmaster kit and it runs 3" pipes out to the stock location...
> I'm having a problem with the tailpipe banging against the body flange when I go
> over bumps. It seems the stock hangers aren't rigid enough to stop the tailpipe
> from bouncing.
> Anybody had this problem/know of a quick fix??
> Tom
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> Subject: DML: Flowmaster, was "Exhaust question?"
> Author: <>
> Date: 8/11/99 10:51 AM
> Well guys and gals, I have a report for you considering a Flowmaster
> catback for your 97+ V8 Dak.
> Part number 17173, cost is roughly $200 US
> Installation is pretty easy - only took me just over an hour. The only
> hitch which is not covered in the instructions is a line-up lug on the
> existing tailpipe. It's right on the top of the pipe where you can't
> see it from underneath, so you have to feel it by hand to find it. Here
> I am struggling to get the muffler inlet to fit over the Dak's pipe,
> can't see why it won't go on, so I momentarily give up, scratch my head,
> and reach up to rest my hand on the pipe. Huh? What's this lug up here?
> Grind the lug off and the kit goes on without a hitch.
> Other hints: It makes it a bit easier if you remove the spare from
> underneath. Reward yourself with cold beer upon completing
> installation.
> Cale Bargen
> 98 CC 318 sporty

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