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From: McKinney, John R. MHX (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 12:43:05 EDT

I heard about this about a month ago on the off-road list. You can go to
this link and read about it. At the
bottom there's an icon that says "No Tires". Click on it and it'll explain.

I also heard that they (michelin) now has some sort of rigid pricing
structure where dealers can no longer set there own prices on their tires.
If they get "caught" setting their own prices, they will no longer be sold
any tires. I think it's true 'cause I called around and was quoted the same
price on their mud terrains.

John McKinney

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> > Is it just me or did everybody know that BFGoodrich doesn't make tires
> anymore?!
> > My understanding is all tires with the BFG name are now made by
> Michelin...
> > Not sure if this really has any impact on quality but I thought it was
> > interesting.
> > Tom
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> Not just you Tom. I haven't heard that. Just bought a set to.
> Thanks
> GS -

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