Skid Plate material advice......

Date: Fri Aug 13 1999 - 21:20:52 EDT

I looked under my Dak awhile ago and did a prelim. plan on a transfer case
skid palte. Well, I want to make one shortly, due to deer season(which equals
plenty of trail action) to help to protect my transfer case; something I
would have done along time ago. I noticed that on the frame crossmember
running behind the tcase, there are 2 holes punched into this crossmember. On
the frame crossmember infront of the tcase, there is also 2 holes in the the
crossmember. These holes line up with each other, denoting to me that there
must have been some type of offroad(factory option?) skid plate available.
Well I want to make my own and cannot decide on what material to use for the
plate itself. I already know I will use Grade 8 hardware(nuts, bolts, etc) to
mount the plate to each crossmember. I know that 6061-T6 Aluminum is rather
popular to use for custom applications, but I cannot find it anywhere around
here and I think if I was able to buy some, it would be rather pricey. I do
work for a local public works department and have tons of free old street
signs available, but these are only 1/8" thick. Of course, there is always
the choice of the almight steel sheet/plate that I can buy anywhere from 1/4"
thick all the way upto 1" thick. I have access to a powerful drill press, so
drill the 4 holes wouldnt really be a problem; cutting it to size might be.
Any advice on what to use?
93 Dakota 4x4 V6

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