new protocol

From: Patrick and Kelly Engram (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 23:59:01 EDT

" Hey, all. I haven't been respondant lately, and for good
reason. Last
     Thursday on my lunch break, I was on my way back to the office from

     buying goodies for the R/T, and apparantly I ran a red light, got
     t-boned by (get this) a Durango, was pushed into the front-end of
     another car, and my travel was stopped by a handy telephone pole. I

     say apparantly because I was knocked out for 4-5 hours and woke up
     an emergency ward. The very weird part is that I can't remember
     a half-hour BEFORE the accident. The only way I knew I bought stuff

     for the truck was because............"

-I make a motion that we start a new protocol when someone posts about
an accident.
  Somewhere in the first 2 sentences, you must inform the DML of the
condition of the Dakota,
or if the Dakota was not involved. And, this must be done before you
tell us how you are!!!
You will no longer be able to put it off until the last line of the post
and make us read all the way
through the post chomping our nails and shaking at the knees!
  Seriously, Chad, I'm glad to hear you are ok. Now, go tell your
sister-in-law to go buy
a Dakota!


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