Concern with underdrive pullies

Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 23:48:31 EDT

Hello, I'm having some concerns AND doubts about the ASP underdrive pullies.
I placed both the crank and alt. and (it has happened twice) when i slow down
to a stop, The "check gauges" light flashes on and beeps and i look at the
oil pressure gauge and it's a "0", then the "check gauges" light blinks off
and the oil pressure gauge kicks back on again. WHAT is wrong? is the oil
pump shuttin off? I'm running a pure1 oil filter with 3.5 quarts of mobil 1
synthetic (5 quarts at walmart for 14.97 or something). I just don't get
it. ALSO. the oil pressure gauge moves around a lot now. From a stop,
it'll be at the second crease and under normal acceleration, it'll reach the
4th crease.. 1 from the last. any other concerns i should have here?

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