RE: Concern with underdrive pullies

From: Bernd D. Ratsch (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 00:13:37 EDT

Sounds like an oiling problem rather than just pulley's. (They don't affect
the oiling system anyway...just the charging system. Check (or prefer
change) your oil filter for any "crap" stuck in it.

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Hello, I'm having some concerns AND doubts about the ASP underdrive pullies.
I placed both the crank and alt. and (it has happened twice) when i slow
to a stop, The "check gauges" light flashes on and beeps and i look at the
oil pressure gauge and it's a "0", then the "check gauges" light blinks off
and the oil pressure gauge kicks back on again. WHAT is wrong? is the oil
pump shuttin off? I'm running a pure1 oil filter with 3.5 quarts of mobil 1
synthetic (5 quarts at walmart for 14.97 or something). I just don't get
it. ALSO. the oil pressure gauge moves around a lot now. From a stop,
it'll be at the second crease and under normal acceleration, it'll reach the
4th crease.. 1 from the last. any other concerns i should have here?

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