Re: First Timer

From: Bernd D. Ratsch (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 14:37:10 EDT

Hi Dean....welcome to the DML.

There's a lot of mods that you can do to your engine for more power:

(1) QuickD makes a good Intake System for the Dakota
( as well as modified Throttle Body (Lots more power
for the V6's!)
(2) Magnum Performance is another outlet for modifications
(3) Any Aftermarket system is good...Flowmaster, Gibson, Borla are among
the top ranking on the DML trucks.
(4) An aftermarket ignition system definitely helps as well...MSD Offroad
Setup if you like.
(5) JET Products makes a very good "Chip" for the Dakota's as well and
comes in two flavors (
(6) A Brass Terminal Cap & Rotor along with a good set of Spark Plugs and
Wires (SplitFire, MSD, Magnecore on the wires and SplitFire or Champion
Truck Plugs for the Spark.)

These are the most common mods that you can do on your V6 without getting
into too much work (or cost).


Bernd D. Ratsch
Pflugerville, TX
1997 Dodge Dakota SLT/CC (V6)

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