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From: John Mautz (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 22:29:52 EDT


If I'm right (and I think I am) it wont work. I believe the 5.2 uses 2
2.25" pipes that mold into a 2.5" outlet to the cat-converter. The R/T
doesn't work this way. Instead it takes those 2.25" pipes and attaches them
directly to a dual 2.25" inlet cat-converter. Therefore, there is no
'y-pipe' on the R/T, just two standard pipes directly connected a single
dual-inlet cat.


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>Does anyone know if an R/T Y-pipe; is any bigger than the puny one
>on my 5.2,
>will bolt up to my exh. manifolds. also what size is the outlet.
>Lastly, if it'll fit, anyone got one for sale?
>thank you
>Marc Federici
>99 CC SLT+ 5.2 5sp 4x2 3.55sg

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