General comments on Y2K Dakotas

From: Patrick and Kelly Engram (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 00:43:41 EDT

  I've been truck shopping lately and have some info I'd like to pass
on. This is all I've found out until the brochures and more come out.
  New for Y2K-
  Standard models come with a 22 gallon fuel tank.
  White is now a color choice for the R/T, and the R/T will be produced
again for Y2K
  Forest Green is no longer available
  Deep Amythest is no longer available
  Solar Yellow is no longer available
  New color-Patriot Blue (a dark metallic blue, looks nice)
  New color-Garnet Metallic (medium-dark maroon, my favorite)
  New color-Amber (no details yet-this is the only new color I havent
seen in person yet)
  4.7L are in production, no backorder at this time.
  There are small changes to the interior.

More as I come across it-

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